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Plug In Spyder Y2K Lights

Bulb No. 194, 12V, 2 CP
Size 6-11/16" (L) x 2-11/16" (W) x 1-3/8" (H)
Material Acrylic lens and cr. reflector snap onto ABS housing with chrome ABS rim
Wire Connection 81010, 2 prong pigtail
Unit & Package Sold by each, carded
Additional ‧ Requires 1” dia. hole
‧ Pigtail included
‧ Patent No.: 5997159.6149288
US D442, 304S
US D465, 861S

Part No. Color
78680 Amber
78681 Blue
78682 Clear
78683 Green
78684 Purple
78685 Red

LED Available

*Disclaimer: Lights in blue, green and purple do not meet DOT specifications. Decoration purposes only.

Plug In Spyder Y2K Lights

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